Anonymous said: Hey it's the anon with the 'pickle' again. Well he's lied to me a lot and i don't even understand why. I am completely honest with him and i've told him how much i value communication. Also, I don't enjoy doing 'intimate' (if you know what i mean) things and i've told him this. He said that it's okay that we don't do this, but i can't help but think that he's still pressuring me. Because afterwards he throws a huge tantrum and he says that i'm pushing him away and that i don;t like him. Help :(

Be honest with him; Tell him that he’s said that it’s fine, and ask him why he’s getting mad if that’s what he said. He shouldn’t get mad at you, especially since he’s the one that said it’s fine. But as I said, just be honest, don’t let him pressure you into things if you don’t want to do them, even if you have already, you still shouldn’t be forced. There’s a lot more ways to show ‘love’ than to be ‘intimate.’

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Anonymous said: I'm killing myself tonight. I'm worthless, pathetic,ugly.

Darling why :c Ugh I feel bad for not getting on.. 
You’re not worthless, pathetic or ugly, I promise :c You’re worth-while, perfect and gorgeous; I’m sure you’ll never believe this, but you’re an amazing person, darling, and killing yourself will only hurt a lot of people, including me.

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Anonymous said: Hi! So, I like this guy in a relationship and I told him I like him last week. After I told him he told me that he MIGHT start liking me after a few weeks or months but he will pretend he likes his girlfriend since it's her last year here and all her friends are pressuring him to be with her. He has been talking to me on skype and texting me ever since I told him I like him but we never talk in real life. What should I do? Half of my friends tell me to ditch him, other half tells me yes?!

Errr, that’s tough. Just keep in mind; What he does with her, he may do with you - I’m not saying EVERYONE does that, but about 95% of people do. I personally wouldn’t wait for him, because he may not keep his word, so in all honesty, even though you came to me for advice; the best advice I can give you is to trust your gut, if you think hes worth it, if you think he’ll keep his word, go for it, and if not, forget him.

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Anonymous said: i went out with this guy for about two months and we were tlkin nonstop for a couple of months b4 bt after we started dating I had to leave for summer n after i came back its nt the same. I cudnt talk to him wen i ws at camp, bt we were allowed to call. i always called him bt after two calls he wudnt pick up anymore. i texted him bt he never replied. so i broke up with him on text and his exact words abt it ws: okay! i still love him i only broke up with him cuz i ddnt want to force him to stay

Well, dear, you should tell him that, and if he doesn’t forgive you; or want you back, there’s nothing you can do about that, I understand why you did it, but he may not.

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Anonymous said: My friend was going out with this guy, they broke up he played several tricks on me (saying he likes me but then being like lol nope) and yet i still like him? Well my friend decided she still likes him we didnt fight we just decided that if he wants one of us, that person could go for it. Well he went for a girl that called me a fat ugly lesbian (not a lesbian) and none of us are happy. And we just dont know what to do, the girl is a slut, help?

Well he’s with somebody, and sadly you can’t change that. You can’t make him like you, or your friend. Besides, you don’t want someone that leads you on, or anything like that, you deserve somebody better, so it’s best to just move on.

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Anonymous said: so i went to high school with this boy for four years. and he likes me, like a lot. and i dont feel the same way about him. i'm now in college, and he wants to become a couple, even though i am almost three hours away. i don't want to be that far away and i dont even want a relationship at this point. he wont give up trying to convince me to go out with him though. i dont know what to do because anytime i mention us not being together he gets depressed. any thoughts?

Don’t go out with him if you don’t feel the same way, you don’t want to lead him on, and it wouldn’t be fair to you either. Be honest with him, and if you have too (if it becomes to much for you, that is), block him on websites if you have him added or anything like that, and/or don’t answer text messages/phone calls.

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Anonymous said: Hi I head that you're advice is really wonderful :) so mind helping me with a pickle? Well, i have been going out with my boyfriend for almost 9 months and i really love him. The problem is that i am atrocious at trusting people :/ since my family always told me lies as a child. I want to trust him, I really do. It's just every time i try i can't help thinking that he's just lying to me. That's not the only thing i also found out that he watched p0rn during our relationship, i feel so hurt. Help

First off, thank you for coming to me <3 And secondly, dear, let me just tell you this; I know it’s really difficult to trust people; especially when you’ve been lied too, but think about this - If he hasn’t given you any reason not to trust him, you have to set it aside. As for the porn thing, don’t worry about it, a lot of people watch it even if they’re in relationships, it doesn’t mean hes cheating on you, it’s not really that big of a deal, I promise.

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Anonymous said: i just don't know what to do anymore, I want a way out. I just can't deal with pain and cant find anything else. help me

Just find the little things you enjoy; Drawing, Writing, whatever it is you like, and put a lot into it, express yourself through that, even if its just simply the thoughts going through your head. that’s always helped me.

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Anonymous said: Okay, well there's this girl and she wants to have sex. Say I were to do that, what happens then? I'm a girl and I've never had sex with another girl, not because I don't want to but because I've never had the chance. I'm kind of nervous and quite frankly afraid that my body and, let's be honest, vagina and/or breasts won't compare to hers. Any advice?

What do you mean what happens then? You would have had sex with a girl. Don’t worry about what your body looks like compared to hers, trust me, she obviously wants to have sex for a reasons, chances are (well i don’t know this for a fact) that she’s never seen you naked, but she must have looked you over enough to have an idea, so don’t worry about it, everything will happen naturally, and if you wanna do it, go for it, just think it over before doing anything.

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Anonymous said: Hi. I've been in a relationship for a year and a few months, and the guy I'm with is really amazing and I really love him. But I recently met this other guy, and he's just... Amazing. Perfect. I can't stop thinking about him. But the problem is, the new guy is almost 4 years older than me, and he's moving next year so I'll probably never see him. That and, he's not interested in me. I don't want to lose my boyfriend. You don't have to respond if you like, I just needed to tell someone.

If you don’t want to lose your boyfriend, why make a move on it? He won’t stay around, you said yourself he’s not interested. Stick with the one who cares about you dear, that matters the most in the end anyways.

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